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Shadow And Light Have Some Fun On Their New Single

Jan 18, 05:46pm

‘Raahein’ combines absolute Indian pop sensibilities with a couple of interesting touches

Delhi duo Shadow And Light (consisting of Pavithra Chari and Anindo Bose) has been in the big leagues for a good amount of time, doing film music and indie with an equal amount of care and detail. Their new tune ‘Raahein’ has a funny old mix of sounds and directions, but its greatest strength isn’t even that it sounds seamless. That is no surprise given their track record and general habit of putting out strong material. It’s that it retains all its constituents’ individual flavours while doing so. Good cooking does this quite often; as it turns out, so does good music.

‘Raahein’ is a funny old mix of ideas when you look at it on paper. The meat of it is all about the lilting groove which incorporates elements of… funk? Synthpop? It’s all that, and then you have Pavithra’s clear-as-a-bell Bollywood-y vocals on top. It doesn’t sound like it would necessarily work, but as it turns out, the news is that it totally does. It actually removes the dated aspects of both sides of the coin, making the song sound rather fresh. Of course, all the production is excellent as well. The keys are sort of arpeggiated, the drums are strong, the bassline is simple but hits hard, and of course, the singing is on point. The story with ‘Raahein’ is one of fitting into a bunch of boxes with the least amount of awkwardness as possible, and well, there is none to speak of here. It’s smooth.



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