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Shashaa Tirupati, Vayu And Elephant Gym Team Up For One Of The Coolest Collabs Ever

Dec 14, 05:08pm

There’s no way you could imagine these artists coming together and sounding this fun, right?

If ‘Jhalleyaa’ doesn’t convince you of the fact that we live in a good timeline, nothing will. Just look at the artists involved on this song – Shashaa Tirupati is essentially a highly talented vocalist/multi-instrumentalist who’s done film work and is doing indie music too, Vayu (Vaibhav Srivastava) is a highly talented lyricist who has also done work on lots of mainstream Indian popular music, and Elephant Gym is a Taiwanese math-rock band that has attained close to legendary status in the genre at this point. And yes, they’ve made a song together. And it’s a good one. What!?

It would be tempting to leave it at that, but let’s talk about the song itself. This is not a bombastic clash of genres and styles; in fact, it sounds like everyone involved is showing restraint and, well, serving the song. It’s truly surprising how nicely this approach works. If you for some reason isolate the song by artist, you will realize that they are doing what they’re good at. Vayu’s written a love song, Shashaa sings it with her (abnormally) clear vocal delivery, and Elephant Gym plays intricate but poppy melodies and rhythms behind it all. And there are all the elements of a great fusion song – switch-ups, chord changes, groove changes, you name it.

But, of course, if you want to show this off to your cool musically inclined friends, you can pick every single element out of ‘Jhalleyaa’ and it sounds great on its own. KT Chang is far too good at the bass, Shashaa controls her volume like a pro, KT’s brother Tell Chang is inch-perfect on guitar, and Chia-chin Tu is oddly non-feral on drums compared to his usual self but grooves very, very hard anyway. And of course, Vayu’s writing is on point, which is why he is in the title of the song and all its credits. This song is really cool. Go listen to it.

It just might be the most interesting thing you’ve heard all year.


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