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Shillong Band Necroscope Release Their Feisty, Pounding Debut Single

Jan 30, 04:36pm

‘Reckoning’ has all the trappings of a metal act you should watch out for

In a post-synthetic-prog world where the relentless quest for technical perfection and machine-like precision causes many a metal band to lose the feel and energy that makes the genre so worth enjoying to begin with, we always prick up our ears when we find something that ‘gets the picture’, so to speak. Shillong five-piece Necroscope definitely know what they’re doing on their bruising debut ‘Reckoning’, a barn-burner which understands that the true nature of a heavy, riff-filled metal song lies in its ability to cause mild neck pain. So it is.

The song isn’t the most far-reaching or risk-taking effort you would have heard from this heavier side of modern metal; in fact, it’s possible that the band’s logo is the most experimental thing about them (because it’s actually legible, which breaks one of the funniest stereotypes about metal and its subgenres). However, this works out hugely in the band’s favour; they instead focus on putting as much as possible into their performances. And this is definitely the right decision, because everything about the tune just slaps. Production is excellent and has the right amount of space; this isn’t a bricked-out mix that is compressed to the point that hearing it is like being hit with a hammer for four minutes straight. There are actual dynamics – great stuff! And that’s only the start of many good things.

Grooves = great. Guitars = absolutely massive. The vocals have some variety, but they serve the song instead of existing for purposes of showing off. The song is ridiculous in its first third, and the energy only increases with each rhythmic or structural switch-up. ‘Reckoning’ is a song that sounds great in every way, and is a debut that commands attention. One could only imagine how much this thing’s going to rip at a live gig.


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