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In Conversation With Elemental

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The Bhopal death metal band, who were scheduled to perform at Wacken Open Air earlier this month, talk about missing out on the opportunity they gained by winning Wacken Metal Battle India, owing to visa delays and how they dealt with it
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Rock Street Journal: When did things start getting tense and uncertain about your Wacken trip? 

Anchal Bhargava: Nothing was uncertain, we were fully prepared with documentation, tickets and bookings and all, but we didn't know about the new German visa regulations of processing an application in 15 working days. After the recent attacks in the German capital and all, this fucked us bad.

RSJ: What ultimately led to the delay? Have you still not got your visas or passports yet? 

AB: We got our passports. We have mailed and asked the German Embassy to save our application for an Europe tour we are planning later this year. There's no point in going now, for a couple of shows.

RSJ: What did it feel like at one point, when you knew you weren't going to make it in time for the competition? Who's at fault here, according to you? 

AB: Being a third world country, I guess...

RSJ: There was a lot of personal turmoil in your life around the same time. How did you overcome that? 

AB: I keep surprising myself again and again, by rising to the occasion. Since my childhood, I have seen enough of blood and bad times, man. This is nothing, trust me. It was just a bad phase and it's over now. I am stronger than before. 

RSJ: You said the band went on a roadtrip after the Wacken gig got jinxed and it helped really evolve the band - in what way? 

AB: [laughs] So it was all chaos and we were summoned to a three-bedroom flat in Andheri West, so that we all needed a fucking getaway. We decided to do a trip from Mumbai to Daman to Lonavla to Goa. This trip at such a time helped us to see the other side of our behaviour. How, in difficult times, we can be best buds to each other.

RSJ: This is the first time in its five year run that a Wacken Metal Battle India winner has missed out going to Germany. It feels like the entire competition has dogged with issues from the start. Will you be a part of it again? Perhaps apply again next year? 

AB: It will be too early to comment on this, but I want to make sure to all our fans, you will see us ripping Wacken apart soon! 

RSJ: What's coming up for the band in terms of gigs and the album?

AB: We are opening for Behemoth at Deccan Rock in Hyderabad (September 24th), playing at Blood Eagle in Pune (in October) and then in Delhi and in Nepal. And yes, we are hitting recording studios this month. 

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