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Introducing: Indian Saber

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We recently spoke to Delhi-based Bollywood sufi rock sextet, and winner of 'Rock On!!' August, Indian Saber about the band's experiences across college competitions, India's Got Talent, and online success, delivering their brand of fusion music.
 Photo Courtesy: Priyanka Vaid

RSJ: Tell us a little about the kind of music Indian Saber plays, and the ideas behind it.

Indian Saber: First of all, we are from Delhi, and were semifinalist of India’s Got Talent Season 3. We started with sufi rock in very beginning as many bands do in the starting. But, after sometime we thought that everyone nowadays is doing sufi rock kind of stuff. We decided to do something new. So, we started covering some Bollywood songs in our own style, and we mixed some famous lines into our songs which gave a unique touch to the music. Sometimes we mix western styles with Indian classical, or say we fuse the music of different genres into one. That’s why we call our genre – Bollywood sufi rock.


RSJ: What are your strongest influences?

IS: Indian Ocean and Kailasa. We all grew up listening to their music. We take ideas, style, and more, from them. Also, we want to achieve that level where both Kailasa and Indian Ocean exist.


RSJ: How did the idea of fusion come about?

IS: It is a very short story. If you heard or saw our performance on India’s Got Talent, we used a line in the starting, from 'O Pritam Gaye Pardes' from a Rajsthani folk song.
We used it for the very first time on India’s Got Talent, and it became much of a hit.
We've seen many times where new singers and bands cover our music, and perform it in colleges, competitions, live performances, etc. This gave us the idea of fusion, and we are still on with it.


RSJ: What is the songwriting process like?

IS: There is not any process of writing the songs. Nature gives us the ideas for writing the songs. Basically our songs are based on daily life incidents. Our drummer, Pawan, does most of the songwriting for the band. One of our songs, 'Panchi', is based on our own struggles; 'Fakira' is a rocking number which is also based on daily lives. 'Mein Joganiya', can be connected with God, or a lover, or with many things that we or anyone get attached to. Pawan wrote both the released singles, and all the upcoming songs which are undergoing the mixing process.


RSJ: So far you have released two singles online; any reason why you haven't released an album so far?

IS: This is a big question. After IGT, we recorded our songs with Shikhar for our debut album. But, when he left (Why he left is a different story) all the recordings, and other stuff became a waste for us because we could not use it with his name in our album. It took almost fourteen to fifteen months to find our new vocalist because anyone can sing sufi easily, but our genre is quite different. So it took a long process, after which we started playing live again with a new vocalist, a new face. We also faced much difficulty after the change because everyone asked for the face they had seen on IGT. It took time, but now we've almost recovered from that part of our struggle. We released two singles, and more are coming; or say a full length album will come in few months.


RSJ: Tells us about your upcoming singles, and the ideas behind it. Who did you record with and what was the experience like?

IS: All the ideas came from the incidents we see in our daily life. We do Sufi rock so we also try to connect some lyrics with God. We mixed classical music with guitars, and other instruments to make them fuse. For example, we added the sitar for the very first time in 'Mein Joganiya' – our upcoming single. Recording process is taken care of by our bassist, Manish Vaid. He has his own recording studio in Delhi. It gives us much time to experiment and work, because there are no limits on it.  We can record, change, and re-record anytime we want; this gives us more perfection and beauty in the song.

RSJ: Are you working on an album perhaps? If you are who would you record it with?

IS: Yes, right now we are working on our album. We are going to release our single in the recent future, just to promote our new vocalist. Right now we are focusing on making good music only. We know it will take time, but we want to give our best to our fans. We've recorded almost five or six songs roughly, and are looking at what best changes we can do to it so that the output will become hit. We will also try to get a good recording label for our album for sure.


RSJ: What is the band up to at the moment and what are you future plans?

IS: We are just recovering from our struggling period, and are enjoying the time because it gave us lots of lesson. Right now we're looking forward, and we are only focusing on our recordings. We want to release our album as soon as possible because we are already very late in the field of music. We want to spread our music, and the lesson behind the songs to whole world. We putting a lot of work ,or say hard work, into it.

Watch a video of Indian Saber at India's Got Talent here.

Stream 'Kaise Kate' by Indian Saber below:

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