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Jordan Johnson Is Back And Making Music

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The indie singer-songwriter is back from a hiatus with the tender single ‘My Girl’

If you happened to be around during Indian indie’s 2010s, you would have heard of a musician named Jordan Johnson. He was making acoustic guitar-based indie singer-songwriter material before the sound really kicked off around 2015, but everyone in the scene knew of him. He had a simple, pretty straightforward approach that many a indie fan enjoyed listening to, but after a few years in the thick of it, he did something not many artists in our space do; he took a break. A long one.

Now, he’s out with a new single ‘My Girl’ (acoustic ballad, earnest, well-performed) and an EP on the way next year. So we caught up with him to ask what a hiatus does to an artist, amongst many other things.


Firstly, how have you been and how is your health? How was your pandemic?

Hello! It’s lovely to be back. My health is probably the best it’s ever been, thankfully. And I think the pandemic kicked me into gear in that regard. I spent most of the first lock down doing hellish amounts of burpees to keep myself from going crazy... haha! (It didn’t work). Jokes aside, I learnt a heck of a lot about myself through those times, and I was able to write bucket loads of songs. So I have nothing to complain about and a whole lot to be grateful for.


You’ve been writing for years now; what does your ear think about music you potentially wrote a decade ago?

It’s always such a weird one looking back. I CRINGE at some of the stuff I wrote when I was younger. But I give myself the grace to know that all of this is a big long journey and it’s always one foot in front of the other. I think the cringe is just a sign of growth, and I’m all good with that.


Did you pick up any interests or skills inside or outside music during your hiatus?

Fitness has been a big add on, as well as coffee. I worked at a roastery and cafe while I was in New Zealand and learnt a whole lot about the process; super interesting stuff!


How did that moment of finally having another song come together when you started writing again?

That’s one thing I couldn’t stop doing; was writing. Writing music is therapy for me. If I don’t do it, I don’t know where I am and how I’m really feeling, so I was very much active with songwriting and composing. I never stopped!


In fact, when did you actually start working on this project?

We started ideating this project about 2 years ago now. Some songs were written 4 or 5 years ago, though. It’s been slowly growing into what it has become and it’s been incredible to see it all take shape. My goal was complete honesty, whatever that meant. So I chose songs that were for me closest to my heart and the most open and raw of the lot.


How has taking a break changed the way you approach and look at India’s indie scene today?

I think the break took me away from some of the purposeless, soulless stuff I was doing. It’s made me a heck of a lot more intentional with what I do and where I spend my time, as well as where I envision playing in the near future. I still think what we have here is incredibly special. (On the scene) It’s so unique, and messy and full of the most amazing creatives I’ve come across. It’s just a matter of time.


Are there any new indie artists you’re listening to?

I’ve been loving listening to Karshni, Shantanu, Ditty; Hashbass’s new stuff is saucy af, AAKASH, Hanumankind, Micah, Sabu and so many more.


Your music often has an emotionally open and resonant vibe to it; you’re often baring your soul and letting listeners in. Does it get tiring to be that open with your music? Does it ever drain you a bit?

Oh HELL yeah. It does get a little tiring sometimes, but at the end of it all, it’s the truth that sets me free. So whatever it is, I run with it and trust that it’ll impact the right people who need to hear what I have to say. My intention is to connect with people who have been in the same places I’ve been. And meet them where they are, to say that I’m right there with them. And that none of us are alone at the end of the day because of our shared experiences.


What can we expect from the EP release? Any further touring announcements, possibly?

Why spoil the fun and write about it? You’ll have to wait and see ;)


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