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Joe Walsh - Analog Man


album Reviews Jul 12, 04:49pm

YATIN DAWRA There is an Eagle and a Beatle on this record. A sober Joe Walsh


There is an Eagle and a Beatle on this record. A sober Joe Walsh, with his brother-in-law Ringo Starr in tow, reinvents himself in the form of Analog Man and, like most post rehab albums, this one is personal too. From analyzing his success in ‘Lucky That Way’ to talking in retrospect about the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle in ‘Wrecking Ball’, The Eagles’ man tells his story wrapped in a simplistic classic rock sound and a brimful of guitar tones.

Album opener ‘Analog Man’ is one of the best tracks of the album, introducing the album with a chunky guitar riff and lyrics to knock you off your modern day sensibilities. Coming out with ideas that have been brewing for 20 years, Joe experiments with tracks like ‘Spanish Dancer’, which has a guitar sound completely in sync with the name, and ‘Band Played On’, which starts off with a stoner rock vibe. We also have him showcasing his electronic side and, because he had his first electronic gig in Mumbai, the track ‘India’ finds its way onto the track listing. Finisher ‘But I Try’ has Ringo finally waking up to the album and delivering his impeccable drum sound. Overall, despite the new age production sound, Joe manages to retain some classic rust through his songwriting style. He is the Analog Man.

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