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17-Year Old Manan Mehta Drops Promising Debut

Dec 07, 02:13am

His debut single 'Ghost In My Closet' is an assured beginning

Even on reeated listening, 'Ghost In My Closet' by Manan Mehta doesn’t sound like the work of a 17 year-old singer-songwriter; there is a definite maturaity to be found. “The song talks about my anxieties and how they eat my brain up and I can't control them. The ghost refers to my anxieties and the closet is my headspace.", says the Jaipur based musician and pianist. 



A little less than three minutes long, the song catches the ear with a piano-driven aesthetic and manages to carry through some ethereal moments resulting in a pretty little track leaving you wanting more. Mehta’s vocals are promising and largely contribute to his overall sound. He is definitely on the growing list of indie musicians to look out for if he remains consistent and prolific as an artist in years to come.


Listen to Ghost In My Closet 

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