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Mumbai Producer Mayur Koli Releases Laid-Back New EP

Nov 23, 03:00pm

‘Unspoken’ includes trap production with a poppy bent

Emo-trap has more than a big following these days, and while it might be a little bewildering to see why having this odd combination of wobbling 808s and those hi-hats with songs about love and loss is compelling to the uninitiated, it does often have a charm of its own. It’s also impossible to ignore that there is a young legion of artists in the hip-hop space that use melodic vocals and semi-pop influences in their delivery (unfortunately, the world has lost many good artists of the genre this year and the last), and boy, are they popular. Mumbai producer Mayur Koli explores this space on his EP ‘Unspoken’, and while yes, it is a little rough around the edges, it does communicate what makes this particular sound so popular in its demographic.

While the songwriting on the EP’s six tracks doesn’t take any risks or is there to be pondered over, it does highlight some of Mayur’s strengths as a producer and his chosen sound’s inherent simplicity. There is something about the short songs and simple, low-profile vibe of his production (he is also a guitar player and uses it to great effect) that combines well with the often heartbroken or lost subject matter of the vocals; the artists featured here do justice to that. While its aesthetic is completely different, this does seem to be emo’s new incarnation after its stints in metal, metalcore and indie rock since the turn of the century. That comparison is not unfounded; hell, the intro of the EP even features a phone call over some atmosphere (remember how popular those were?) and songs like ‘Closure’ and ‘House Of Cards’ are one mood light away from a slinky late-night jam. It does seem like this kind of approach is here to stay, and ‘Unspoken’ represents a first step and an idea of the potential Mayur and the genre has.

Listen to 'Unspoken' here.

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