• Thu, Oct 21, 2021

Vocalist And Songwriter Priya Darshini Gets Grammy Nomination

Nov 25, 04:18pm

The Mumbai born, New York-based musician is nominated in the Best New Age Album category

New York-via-Mumbai artist Priya Darshini’s latest album ‘Periphery’ came out on the Chesky Records label and is a deeply evocative experience with its great, wide-ranging instrumentation and her expressive voice. Well, it’s Grammy season and she is now nominated in the Best New Age Album category. This is her first nomination and absolutely no small feat, and the artists nominated along with her speak to that. She is in the company of names like Laurie Anderson, Cory Wong (and Jon Batiste!), Superorganism and Jon West. That’s an incredibly strong roster of names, and the fact that her album that deals with her cross-cultural life here and in the States and is with these luminaries speaks volumes. It’s always nice to have some cultural representation in such things, and ‘Periphery’ is a nice step forward in this regard.


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