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Aamad By Sameer Rahat Is Melancholia And Storytelling At Its Best

Jun 28, 05:12pm

Sameer Rahat dropped his debut solo album “Aamad” earlier this year
 Photo Courtesy: Tanmay Saxena


Sameer Rahat released his debut solo-album aamad earlier this year. Experimenting with the poetry of contemporary and traditional progressive Urdu poets from the Indian sub-continent, he has collaborated with clothing designers and visual artists for this album. Composed, arranged, produced and sung by Rahat, the album also features Bangalore rock band Parvaaz’s guitar player Mir Kashif Iqbal on some of the tracks.



“aamad'' means arrival, poetically, it refers to a fleeting thought within the subconscious.”
- Sameer Rahat



"aamad" stays true to the roots of blues rock through a calm journey of melancholia and storytelling that is almost cinematic in its approach. It sings and tells stories of solitude, communication, solace, fury, realisation and – eventually – egress. aamad means arrival, poetically, it refers to a fleeting thought within the subconscious.

It should be turning point for Rahat, as this debut album propels him to the world of Indian indie as a serious musician who must be heard.  Listen to the aamad on all major streaming platforms.



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