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Ami Andazi Brings His Flair To Simple Singer-Songwriter Fare

Jul 08, 11:28am

The traveling musician brings high production value to the otherwise lo-fi world of indie

There’s a really simple way to present indie music, which is to focus on just the very basics and do them justice. A part of that lends itself incredibly well to what one might call the ‘busking’ aesthetic; music that has the almost universal quality of sounding good anywhere and in any situation. That’s not reductive but actually a bit difficult to do at times. Singer-songwriter Ami Andazi takes that route with more than a little confidence with his admittedly easy-listening new track ‘Rang’. The result is an arresting, earworm-y melody that probably took quite some time and effort to craft.

Not many ingredients to speak of in this recipe; uke, vocals, a little shaker and the tiniest bit of drums for percussive effect. The song runs just under three minutes long, so it doesn’t beat you over the head with its content for long. To be fair, there isn’t much to delve into, but that’s its virtue. What ‘Rang’ does right is give itself the focus it deserves. The vocal melody is eminently hummable and conjures up visions of sunny days and other things we imagine to be positive. It’s so easy to sing, in fact, that you don’t notice what is the most impressive aspect of this song, which is its production. This is not some woolly, hushed presentation; everything is absolutely crystal clear. The uke is so bright it’s quite percussive, and when Ami does go for a small shout chorus of sorts, his voice is right there, bang in front of the mix. This isn’t how such indie music is often made, and this almost extreme clarity gives ‘Rang’ a really interesting feel. Maybe more so than the song itself?


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