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Indian Metal Veterans Demonic Resurrection Release New Single 'Non Serviam'

Jun 27, 06:02pm

Heavy, melodic, fresh and pointing out the uncomfortable truth

Demonic Resurrection have kept the fire burning red-hot in their latest single, “Non Serviam.” Since March, 2022, the band has been releasing a song a month. Each track has been inspired by artwork done for their 20th anniversary merchandise which was released in 2021. “Non Serviam” was inspired by the artwork done by designer Gaurav Basu, also known as Acid Toad. The single features Obscura drummer David Diepold, Earth Caller keyboardist Misstiq and vocalist Pratika Prabhune (who featured on the band's 2017 album Dashavatar.)

Speaking about the idea that spawned this track, Demonstealer (Sahil Makhija) had this to say: “'When looking at the artwork, all I could think about are the atrocities women have had to endure. The world isn't always a good place for women. You hear of terrible crimes being committed daily and then you see a mockery of real issues made online by people and all that just really pushed me to write this track. To me, music has always been a way to express everything I feel and the change I'd like to see in the world, and I think I put that into this song.”

The song wastes no time getting off the blocks with a crushing riff accompanied with strings that add an operatic feel. While we’ve come to expect the-world-is-burning imagery in metal music, the subject matter of “Non Serviam” is one to be taken seriously, and the lyrics do a great job taking the listener there. The drums are peppered with glorious intricacies while maintaining effortless blastbeats and heavy swings. In fact, on the surface, “Non Serviam” comes across as what one expects a death metal track to be, but if you pay close attention to the multitude of things going on, there are many musical choices that make this song a very fun listen. The mix of clean vocals and growls are a joy to listen to, as is the classic blisteringly fast heavy metal guitar solo.

“Non Serviam” displays an interesting musical evolution of a band that has been legendary in the Indian music scene, with Demonic Resurrection managing to stay true to their roots while continuing to release music that is fresh.


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