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Sanskar Vaidya Gives A Ballad Its Due With 'The Meadow'

Jun 22, 04:11pm

It’s always good to hear an artist growing and being comfortable in their skin

So, Sanskar Vaidya is from Raipur and currently making music out of Mumbai. ‘The Meadow’ is the fourth single he’s put out so far. The norm today is for artists to take a lot more time than is normal to put out their first few releases, possibly in an attempt to make the biggest possible splash when they do come out. However, there is arguably something tangibly interesting about using released music as a sort of diary of the artist’s evolution. This song is yet another step in Sanskar’s evolution as an artist. That’s nice to hear, isn’t it?

His previous song ‘Savera’ followed the template of indie club gig favourites, a great tune with a nice solo and an acoustic bridge; something you would sing along to at every gig. ‘The Meadow’ is a bit more introspective. Besides the subject matter (which treads the now worn path of wistful love), the track is very much a classic ballad, including a liberal use of piano, using 6/8 time and acoustic guitars that are more rhythmic than melodic. Sanskar uses these sonic devices in the right context, which is to dial up the emotion. The first third of the song is relatively straightforward with a simple but effective vocal sitting in front of a judiciously used arrangement. Things do pick up with some evocative strings and a singalong that will stay in your head on many a morning walk, but the overall feel of the tune is what counts. There’s even a glancing left hook with a four-on-the-floor section leading into the final chorus (which switches into the 'home' groove at the perfect moment). ‘The Meadow’ is an example of taking a good formula and giving it just about enough spice that it sounds fresh on repeat listens. It’s good stuff!


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