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Odyssey by Baidurjya Banerjee - A little bit of everything

Jun 23, 05:10pm

Funk, electronic, R&B, blues – There’s something for everyone

‘Odyssey’ is the second single released by Baidurjya Banerjee, after 'Jail Break', his debut. Baidurjya Banerjee is a 27-year-old guitarist from Kolkata who draws his influences from jazz fusion, folk, soul, Carnatic and R&B. He began his musical journey training in Hindustani classical music at a very young age, and plays various Indian musical instruments.

‘Odyssey’ is primarily an instrumental guitar piece that goes through multiple genres. According to the artist, the track revolves around the concept of a voyage through different memories and moments, stitched together to create an eye-opening experience.

This four-and-half minute track opens with a piece very reminiscent of Polyphia or CHON. With clean guitar tones all the way through, ‘Odyssey’ is a laidback piece, yet very danceable, strangely enough. It switches into a funk groove accompanied by bluesy licks that are fairly entertaining to listen to, followed by a slow soulful section that one can almost imagine being played by a horn section. Somewhere around the last minute, it transitions into an enjoyable house track, before reaching its end with a simple four notes on the guitar alone. The clean production on the song lends well to a great listening experience.

If ‘Jail Break’ and ‘Odyssey’ are anything to go by, it is well worth keeping Baidurjya Bannerjee on your release radar. This would undoubtedly be a very fun live act to witness, but if you can’t get to his shows, you can definitely give his songs a listen.


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