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Amlan Sarkar Takes A Turn For The Romantic

Jul 26, 04:38pm

‘Chaandni Raat’ is one of those classic pop songs that works because of its lack of pretense

Guwahati singer-songwriter Amlan Sarkar put out his first song ‘Chaandni Raat’ a fair while ago, but it came out on platforms about a month back. Prior to that, it was just a lo-fi recording on Youtube, but now it’s fully produced and shows his chops. And there’s a lot to see. Most importantly, however, he leans into the semi-contemporary pop and old-school romantic vocals without even thinking of making it something it’s not. What that means is that this is unabashedly simple, vocal-heavy and a sound we’ve heard before. But this isn’t bandwagon-jumping, and he deserves so much credit for it.

Amlan is classically trained as far as vocals are concerned, and his talent is very clear for all to see. His voice has the tiniest little bit of rasp and he is absolutely note-perfect. This is the kind of stuff that grabbed attention a few decades back, and it commands your ear in much the same way today. There isn’t much else to focus on, to be fair. There’s just an acoustic guitar and that’s it. In a sense, having such an obviously stripped-down musical direction always goes both ways; one way is that it lays emotion bare when done right, and the other is that it takes all semblance of emotion away when done wrong. Amlan does it right, though. There is a warm nostalgia and very deliberate vibe to ‘Chaandni Raat’, and besides the fact that he does all the simple things excellently, it’s sort of impossible to ignore.


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