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Kashmira Khot Opts For Nostalgic Rock On New Single

Jul 19, 05:23pm

‘Break Through’ is straight from rock’s second heyday in the 90s
 Photo Courtesy: Soham Joshi

Pune artist Kashmira Khot is trained in many a genre, but she chooses (rather interestingly) the simple but effective medium of rock on her calm and groovy single ‘Break Through’. Her chosen subject matter, self-realization, is also the perfect vehicle to present a song that harkens back to a time when personal growth was the hot topic of popular music. It might sound odd, but the sound is actually quite deceptively hard to pull off. It is often the case that nailing simplicity is as difficult in its own way as doing something more outwardly complex. But Kashmira gets the basics right, and that’s why ‘Break Through’ goes over a treat.

It’s all about the melodies here, as one would expect. The track is really short at two and a half minutes, so Kashmira only gives herself a couple of hooks and verses to get her ideas across. She does have a couple of vaguely grungy moments with some bittersweet vocal lines, but her strength is, again, how clear and concise her delivery is. It’s really easy to sing along to her choruses here, and she leads in and out of them with what seems like barely any effort at all. There are some distorted guitars and some drums that are at times a bit too flowery for the sound, but it’s all about how accessible things are. And ‘Break Through’ is eminently so.


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