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The Fortune And KEL Come Together On Chill New Single

Jul 13, 03:24pm

‘All up on You’ combines great vocals with some slinky, very current production

In another future, this song from X Factor alum Kelly Moncado (KEL) and Kerala-formed producer duo The Fortune would have been the next big thing on the radio. It has all the ingredients of a proper relaxed evening listen and it’s honestly a bit of a mystery why ‘All up on You’ hasn’t been on every playlist that deals with that particular mental space. One thing is for sure; it does a super job at maintaining that level of cool while having some personality. This song’s a good one.

Kelly’s pop-styled vocals are obviously the centrepiece of this tune and The Fortune make sure that’s the case. Their instrumental that sits behind this is a pretty low-key one; the keys and drum sounds are very much in the chill trap space. There are some snatches of funky guitar (read wah) to accentuate it, but there aren’t any moments where everything suddenly comes to life and explodes into a riot of colour. The tones here are very much nocturnal and that’s the main focus vibe-wise. The vocals, as mentioned earlier, are obviously very strong and current. The slightly lilting, slurred delivery is very much present and definitely very now. Kelly is very good at doing hooks and this one impresses in that respect as well. There are certain moments where Dhananj and Nikhil (the duo that is The Fortune) inject some characteristically subby 808-type sounds to give the production some body, but at the end of it all, what matters is that ‘All up on You’ is absolutely the complete package. This is a good song to put on while you are spending a relaxing evening at home, and in that sense it’s rewarding.


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