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Yuvraj Bajwa Keeps It Clean On Spirited Single

Jul 12, 12:38pm

‘Mussoorie’ is getting a music video soon, and it’s just a sweet, simple rock tune. That’s about it.

Yuvraj Bajwa is a theater actor and singer-songwriter, so the idea of performance isn’t particularly alien to him (one would assume). His single ‘Mussoorie’ came out a while back, but it’s getting a video now, and the first 20-odd seconds of the song give a pretty clear idea of what this is all about. Yuvraj grew up in that picturesque town, and his music takes on a similarly quiet and tranquil sheen as he just sings about what everyone probably needs these days more than ever, which is just something to feel nice about. ‘Mussoorie’ accomplishes this.

The tune is simple; very, very simple. It’s an old-school rock ballad with some oddly muted production and some nicely layered vocals. You can hear some Coldplay in the intro and every time it comes back around, some very arena rock-type anthemic writing in the bridge, and a nice bass that pokes its head through the door from time to time. Even the drums are somehow… pop-punk, almost. It’s not that there isn’t a bunch of variation in style on this track, it’s just a combination of sounds that has been very agreeable for a couple of decades now. ‘Mussoorie’ actually has a ton of stuff to sing along to, some very regular but nevertheless sweet chords, and hey, when you’re sitting at home and just want something to vibe to, that’s often just the ticket.


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