• Sat, Jun 19, 2021

Anchit Magee And His Sound Of Melancholy On A New Single

Jun 15, 03:40pm

Noida based Anchit Magee has dropped a new single called “Never/Yours”
 Photo Courtesy: Anchit Magee

Anchit Magee's 'Never/Yours' marries lo-fi with acoustic guitars and a ton of melancholia. The track has a lot going for it; the acoustic guitar provides most of the emotional weight of the track; oddly sentimental and rather forlorn. Anchit's vocals are layered but sound muted at the same time. He sounds defeated, as if he can do nothing about the emotional loss of the person he is talking about. There's a small but powerful guitar solo in the middle of the track that breaks any monotony, and the understated and unobtrusive electronic drum sounds serve as a great foil for everything else. If the dense, kaleidoscopic sound of 'Never/Yours' doesn't transport you on its own, his heartbroken voice will. The immaculate production also helps to ensure an incredibly evocative and immersive listen.


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