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Naalayak Sticks With Roots Of Rock The Indian Way

Jun 14, 12:22pm

The Chandigarh rock band has release 4 singles from their upcoming album
 Photo Courtesy: Naalayak

A four piece rock act might sound a bit hackneyed but it truly defines “Naalayak”, the rock band from Chandigarh who have successfully weaved in rock n roll to creating a very Indian uniqueness to their sound. Their music may show some conspicuous influences of Led Zeppelin & perhaps even Junoon but the band manages to reach out with well constructed songwriting that is truly their own.



Naalayak have released 4 singles from their upcoming second Album “Hindi Gaane” due for release later this year. These singles ““Mustafa”, “Nasamajh”, “Befikre” and “Dil-Ae-Raza” have been released exclusively via digital music platform OK Listen before it gets distributed to streaming outlets.

You can buy Naalayak’s music on OK Listen



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