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Listen To A Great Debut EP By Architect Turned Musician From Jaipur

Jun 13, 04:02pm

Arjan Singh From Rajasthan Has Released Debut EP "Musafir"

Arjan Singh is a singer-songwriter from Jaipur, Rajasthan and has been writing music for almost a decade now. A practising architect for the past 6 years, Singh has decided to drop architecture to pursue his music in 2018.

His debut EP “Musafir” is melodically rich and commands a remarkably distinct vocal & lyrical character that feels colourfully liberating and is difficult to dismiss even though it is persuasive with the proverbial Bollywood-influenced sounds.



The five tracks on the EP are connected to one another. More like an auditory film than disparate songs, it narrates a story of an individual realising while being a traveller (Musafir) that destination doesn’t matter and it will always be about the journey.

A poem of five stanzas depicts the story with each stanza being a connection to the previous and the next song. Read about the story here 


Listen to the EP Below:


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