• Mon, Dec 11, 2023

Anusha Does Chamber Pop Justice

Feb 05, 04:27pm

Her single ‘Blame’ combines influences in a satisfactory way

Singer-songwriter Anusha is only 17, but her latest track ‘Blame’ shows a pedigree far beyond her age. Sure, most new artists these days are far younger than before, but it’s still noteworthy how quickly they can showcase their talent. In this case, the genre is something in the middle of chamber pop and rock, and while it doesn’t tread new ground, it shows a metric ton of quality and potential. Anusha’s vocals are resplendent and the writing is excellent. This would be par for the course unless we understand how hard pulling something this simple off is.

The song itself is great. Anusha and her team pull out all the stops here; strings, drums, a big riff that ends the song and so on. Everything is in its right place and it’s supported by some intelligent writing. There’s a strong pre-chorus, a truly epic hook and the track’s last third does everything that came before it justice. The very reason ‘Blame’ works is simply because it does what it wants to do right. It’s so, so easy to overdo it on the emotion, instrumentation and sentiment. This song does everything in the right amount. And it’s worth listening to just for that, let alone the song itself.


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