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Pina Colada Blues Gives Modern Pop Sounds Some Legs On New Single

Feb 02, 04:50pm

‘Running Wild’ is a strong case for why today’s music works

The title of this buzz piece is a bit leading, but that is for a reason, which is the complete takeover of a certain sound in popular music. It’s hiphop in sensibility (structure and rhythm), indie in its hear (lyrics and mood) and completely all its own in the final product. Pina Colada Blues, a producer from Kochi, uses this new musical identity on his vibrant new single ‘Running Wild’. The funny thing about the track is that it uses sounds that have been wildly popular over the last few years; future bass, trap, pop and so on. However, it ends up being a song we would enjoy in any situation. This is a party tune, a lonely tune and a good song to play while working all at the same time.

There isn’t much to ‘Running Wild’ on the surface beyond the sound, but there are two things worth talking about. One thing is the vocals by Re. Her delivery is strong, very, very controlled, and doesn’t go far enough to overshadow the production, which is the second thing. Sure, dolphin vocals (than you Just Bieber, as always) are present, but they aren’t the centre of the tune. They provide a contrast in between Re’s vocals and some lovely clean guitars that actually carry the tune. In the short moments they are given to shine, they provide welcome moments of warmth between hooks, and the rattling hats make that transition more prominent. If you want to know everything that makes 2017-18 the most interesting two years of pop, ‘Running Wild’ is a great example of it. And it’s good to boot.


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