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Barun Sinha's 'Song Of Her' Is Music For A Sunny Day

Dec 16, 02:12pm

Unabashedly upbeat, and all the better for it.

Barun Sinha plays in a band called SkyEyes (check them out) and is also putting out solo material. His outlook towards music (well, indie) on his latest single ‘Song Of Her’ is one that has sort of fallen by the wayside in recent times, in that it’s a sweet, positive one. Billie Eilish (obviously brilliant) heralded the coming of a more introverted, quiet, downcast and sometimes menacing sound to the indie mainstream, which then became the pop mainstream, of course. Lana del Rey’s brilliant ‘NFR!’ also helped do this; a lot of today’s charts are filled with bleak, foggy looks into the dark side of feeling and the hurt that comes along with it. Barun refuses to take his music so seriously, and goes back to the era of indie music that the end of the previous decade lived in. Turns out that’s a good idea.

‘Song For Her’ is, and there’s no other way to put it, almost too sweet. If you’ve spent a while listening to the popular music of the last couple of years, the production and sonic choices of this song will almost hit you in the face. Warm pianos, four-on-the-floor (in 2022!) and the jangliest guitars you could possibly imagine; and this is brought to the fore by the pop-est vocals about innocent romance. There’s a lot of layering going on, of course; the guitar parts build on top of each other, the drums and bass drive the song like their lives depend on it, and Barun keeps his delivery oh-so-simple. This is a song that will bring descriptions like ‘full of heart’ and ‘uplifting’ to the mind, but forget all that. This is just fun. It’s fun in the exact same way that your favourite coming-of-age movie is. And the same way you’ve watched that movie a bunch of times, you’ll enjoy listening to ‘Song For Her’ a bunch.


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