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Rolland Shows His Cheesiest Self On The Pop-Fueled 'hopeless romantic'

Dec 10, 06:22pm

Pop music is pretty good when an artist commits to it


Rolland is from the Andaman and Nicobar islands and based in Bengaluru right now. He started making music a couple years ago and is still in the early stages of his career, but his music already shows a commendable level of maturity in its writing. He’s also a one-man operation; his new single ‘hopeless romantic’ was done entirely by him. That’s also worth noting these days; in a world of producers producing producers who produce artists, seeing someone who handles the entire process by themselves is, well, pretty cool. The song itself takes the most saccharine pop you could imagine and does it well simply because Rolland decides to lean fully into it and not couch it in unnecessary depth or complexity. That’s… commen-

The song is a really simple tune with an unabashedly accessible hook. This is for the radio and there’s no doubt about it. With songs like this, there isn’t usually a need to jump into the finer details, because you can generally get a good idea of things on the first listen. Yeah, the synth melody is basically a reconstruction of Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’ (this is one of those things where you will never be able to unhear it once you do hear it), but it’s a great song to be inspired by. Rolland basically gets the idea of making a pop song, which is to do the basics nicely. He sings well, he produces well, and he has good taste. That works, and it probably always will.


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