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Bhubaneshwar Band Khatth Keep It Catchy

Jan 13, 03:41pm

The band’s new self-titled single is alt-rock that lives to entertain

Khatth is a three-piece band from Bhubaneshwar whose debut EP ‘Bahaane’ is coming out soon. Their latest single ‘Khatth’ (correct, it’s the same as when Iron Maiden released ‘Iron Maiden’) is a rock/alt-rock tune that just wants you to have a good time. Because of that carefree attitude, the band makes songwriting and sonic decisions not based on what will excite technique-hunters the most but what forms the most entertaining listening experience. As a result, ‘Khatth’ is a fun-filled listen that's sorely needed.

The track comes in at a shade under four minutes but has a compelling vibe. The band writes the track’s bare bones with confidence. The hooks are super catchy. The verses are equally so. The acoustic guitar chords that punctuate sections are super. The solo is a bit heroic but binds the section preceding it to the last chorus like glue. The band’s other single from their EP ‘Tu Bas’ is a bit more of an emotional trip and that’s good for what it is, but this track has elements that provide a more comprehensive picture of the band. There’s some synth for atmosphere, some strings and sequenced drums (or treated) for some variation and when the time does come for the band to play, they keep it simple and impactful. Make no mistake, the band probably (thankfully) doesn’t care about being convoluted or complex but they still turn in spirited and solid performances. This song would do great live, and one would hope that enough people give these guys an ear before the world returns to a place where they can get back on stage.


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