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Delhi Rock Band SkyEyes Releases Peppy New Single

Jan 08, 01:22pm

‘Bring Me To The End’ is one of the fun-loving and groovy rock tunes you can move to

The non-angsty, fun, straight-ahead rock song; does anyone remember those times? Along with the angsty and emotional material we had over the years (especially the last few decades), there was a steady stream of artists who made jaunty and entertaining rock music that was just a few minutes of fun. That was a tradition of sorts during the early days of rock n’ roll; one that is being followed less and less frequently as the genre has possibly moved on to communicate other things. Delhi’s SkyEyes however follows this decidedly classic blueprint on their new single ‘Bring Me To The End’ and the result is a fresh listen that isn’t going to make you feel like trash.

You have to get the simple things right in these cases and that is something the band does. Most notably, the rhythm section is completely locked in and with some playful drumming and bass, it lends a lot more to ‘Bring Me To The End’ that one might think. The choruses are also really good; strong guitars and vocals do the job. There are some interesting transitions and little section that lead into a verse or the uppity and hugely fun second half of the track. The tempo is upped, the chords are wonderful and the layered vocal is bang on as well. It would be great if it wasn't placed behind a sample of Spiro Agnew’s famous 1970 untitled speech, which is so loud and in your face that he could have been given vocal feature credits here. However, that is only a minor gripe and when it gives way to the barn-burning riff that ends the song, its six-minute runtime is quite justified. There is a lot to love here and well worth a listen.


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