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Newly Formed Band Sick Society Drops Excellent Debut EP

Jan 04, 01:53pm

The rock outfit is composed of members from Thaikkudam Bridge, Mad Bypass and The Harbingers

2020 saw the rock scene in general continue its downward trend as it was swallowed up by the million other genres that are currently at their peak. That doesn’t mean rock bands didn’t keep the sound’s momentum going, though. Sick Society are based in Bangalore and Kerala, and they are a newly formed alt-rock outfit. That’s heartening news, and their debut EP ‘Weird Relay’ has four absolutely fantastic rock ballads. This is the kind of quality that can’t be argued with.

Of course, the 4-piece’s members are anything but new to the music scene, having been in other notable bands for a long time now. Kiran Paul (Mad Bypass) uses his classic raspy voice to great effect and drummer Abin Thej (The Harbingers, Thaikkudam Bridge) is an absolute treat to hear with his nuanced playing and rock-solid time. Guitarist Hari Krishnan PV (C Major 7, The Harbingers) and keyboardist Ruthin Thej (Thaikkudam Bridge) provide great textures and amazing parts; the acoustic guitars and bass are really something else. The EP was composed remotely but it sounds nothing but cohesive; the band really nails everything here. The chords and bass on every song are on point. The choruses and solos are spotless (especially on ‘You’ve Gone Slow’ and ‘In Search Of Me’). ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ is possibly the most straight-ahead slow ballad on here, but it is executed so well that it’s not even close to cheesy. ‘Well!! Hell!!’ featured percussive guitar layers and the grooviest rhythm section on the EP; there’s no excuse to skip anything here. If some irresistible grooves, alternative rock balladry and strong writing are your thing, ‘Weird Relay’ is a success on all fronts.

Listen to 'Weird Relay' here.

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