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Children Of Bodom Guitarist Alexi Laiho Passes Away At 41

Jan 05, 08:52am

The Finnish guitarist had ‘suffered from long-term health issues during his last years’, a press statement said  

Children Of Bodom was an extremely important band in its time. It was a metal band that achieved a great deal of international and chart success in the 2000s, which was no mean feat. Their precise playing and sound that drew from a variety of death and heavy metal subgenres was a treat to listen to and more crucially opened the door for many other musicians and bands to incorporate this level of dedication to the genre while being big in the mainstream. Part of this came down to the technical and virtuosic stylings of the band’s frontman and guitarist, Alexi Laiho. Sadly, the announcement of his passing was made yesterday. The Finn was 41.

Children Of Bodom (a reference to the murder of three children at Lake Bodom near Laiho’s hometown of Espoo in Finland) was inspiring, accessible and interesting to the legions people that were following them the past two decades or so. ‘Skeletons In The Closet’ had some of the most inventive pop and classic covers you will hear to this day, ‘Blooddrunk’ still stands up to scrutiny after 12 years, and the sometimes furious but always controlled leads and solos Alexi played on all of the band’s material shine through. His personality and musicality was one of the most exciting and impactful of its time; fans of music, let alone metal, should recognize that and give at least a thought to what he did. RIP.

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