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Blackstratblues to Play at the Blue Frog, Delhi on October 24

Oct 17, 05:53pm

Blackstratblues, Warren Mendonsa’s solo project, is all set to take the Blue Frog, Delhi stage on October 24. 


Mark your calendars, Delhi. Blackstratblues, Warren Mendonsa’s solo project, is all set to take the Blue Frog stage on October 24. Mendonsa, who has been an iconic name in the independent music community right from his days as the guitar-player in Mumbai’s Zero, fronts the mostly-instrumental band, where he plays – you guessed it – his black Fender Strat guitar (although he has been known to whip out his white Strat from time to time too). Adi Mistry (bass), Beven Fonseca (keys), and Jai Row Kavi (drums) complete the lineup.

Blackstratblues’ music has always retained a keen melodic sensibility, with the guitar usually serving as the centre-piece around which the sound revolves. The blues-driven rock aesthetic lies in tasteful yet highly accomplished songwriting, with emphasis on developing and nurturing moods through the music. The project was initially launched back in 2005, when Mendonsa released Nights in Shining Karma online in a pay-what-you want format. It has grown considerably over the years, and the gifted lineup that comprises Blackstratblues collectively has years of touring and gigging experience under their belt, so their live shows are always explosive and action packed, with not a misplaced hit to speak of. On stage jams and collaborations are also a common feature in their sets often, and with Blue Frog’s large stage and grand acoustics serving as the ideal space for their sound, this gig – which starts at 9 PM – is one that you must attend.

Watch Blackstratblues performing live at the Blue Frog below:

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