• Tue, Mar 28, 2023

Brainbow Finally Brings A Breath Of A Fresh Air Into Our Electronic Scene

Jul 18, 04:54pm

It takes a truly outlandish amalgation of genre and influence, but thank heavens for it

Brainbow is interesting, and this is something you cannot refute. Two electronic musicians and producers with one Carnatic flautist. As close as this precis is to every terrible fusion band in existence, this is different. There’s a love of the ideas that inform everything that goes into their fantastic single ‘Down the memory lane’ that makes this a wonderful listening experience. No pretentious instrumental wankery or over-indulgent here; this is a simple idea with a simple premise executed with passion. And that’s why it’s so excellent.

The track in question is some sort of abstract but solid interpretation of two classic compositions, ‘Alaipayuthey’ and ‘Swan Lake’. Now, of course this sounds pretty ludicrous on paper, and it might sound equally strange if presented the wrong way. Not the case, though. What Brainbow does here is contextualize this in a trippy-as-hell psych house song with some great production and super performances. You can tell in every element of the tune as you dance to it (and it is ever so danceable); the flute comes in like a house break but has so much delicacy to it, the groove shifts into all kinds of green-friendly tempos, and the synths that live behind (or in front) of it all are just sublime. It’s not particularly hard to make a great dance tune, but it is so very hard to take well-known ideas and be influenced by them in an interesting way. ‘Down the memory lane’ does so, and with experience. Not your everyday club banger, and it’s all the better for it. And, if you’re one of those people who wants authenticity, you will find the DNA of the compositions written on the title. A blast.


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