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Brodha V nails it- Great rap song & video like never before!

Apr 03, 12:34pm

Bangalore Rapper/Producer Brodha V launches new music video and single "Let Em Talk"
 Photo Courtesy: Brodha V social pages



Bangalore rapper Brodha V aka Vignesh Shivanand’s new release “Let Em Talk” is endlessly impressive and drops with an authoritative recitation of his presence and command over his craft as a rapper. Directed by Bharath Parashuram & Gowri Neelavar, Bangalore couldn’t have looked better in a music video as Brotha V raps through the city while establishing himself as 'The Face of Indian Rap'. Pivoted on great production, the track exhibits V’s songwriting skills and establishes him as a serious Indian producer in the world of Hip Hop music.



“Let Em Talk” hits hard while questioning the calibre of mainstream rap artists but contradicts itself with Brotha V’s cameo in a run-of-the-mill music video “Round Round” by Benny Dayal in 2016 which according to most of his hardcore fans was a misstep after his wondrous “Aathma Raama” in 2012. Commended on social media by heavyweights and contemporaries in music, Brodha V’s “Let Em Talk” marks his growth as a musician, poet, rapper, songwriter and producer.

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