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Caught In This Void by Metalhonic - Snap Your Neck To This!

May 29, 02:21pm

Growls, distortion, double kicks walk into a void. What comes back out? Read on and find out.

Who doesn’t love a tight riff, thundering drums, a wall of distorted guitars and unruly breakdowns? All that and more on Metalhonic’s new single Caught In This Void.

Metalhonic is a modern metal band from New Delhi, formed by Mohit Vig. The band consists of Mohit on vocals and guitars, with Rahul Rana on drums. Speaking about their new single, the band had this to say: “Composition-wise, I finished the whole structure in one sitting. This was recorded at Metalhonic Records Studio in New Delhi, India. Caught In This Void is based on the concept of yin-yang that describes how contrary forces (the lives of the characters in the story) may actually be interconnected. The lyrics focus on the differences and how they repel and attract each other in their barren desolated reality.”

The track wastes no time (well, about 7 seconds) in getting into the meat of the matter, with a hard-hitting riff (mesmerizing harmonics there), driven by a groovy beat, even if the choice of groove does feel a little standard. But it does the job, it pulls you in and gets you moving. While the lyrics do feel like a typical metal song (peppered with words like dissonance, greed, insidious, desolate), the music itself is top-shelf metal. Powerful vocals ride the wall of sound, accompanied with some good old-fashioned chugs on the guitar.

The band lets loose in the last minute of the song with a nasty neck-snapping breakdown. Metalhonic do not fail to deliver. Whether you are a veteran metalhead, or a novice, or someone that hasn’t really explored the genre at all, everyone will be able to appreciate this offering. The track will be a part of the upcoming Metalhonic record (keep an ear out).


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