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Peach! Comes Out Of The Blocks With Confidence

May 26, 05:36pm

‘I Thought You Were The One’ is extremely... peachy? Sorry not sorry.

Peach! is a 3-piece band based out of Dehradun made up of Ali Armaan Zainvi, Vimarsh Pandita and Srishtee Bhitri Koth.

Peach! came into existence on the heels of the pandemic in March of 2021 (yes, that's a year ago) when Vimarsh Pandita chose music over his job and decided to move back to his hometown. He was soon joined by Ali, his schoolmate, and Srishtee, a law student in Dehradun from Siliguri. The song is the first release from their upcoming EP Confluence. The release of I Thought You Were The One marks a year since they started out. The band has some thoughts about this debut, “I Thought You Were The One is a song about the hesitation of expressing love to a person you think you're attracted to and eventually feeling that that person was the one and regretting not having told them that.” That's great songwriting material for an indie rock tune, and the band makes a good fist of it.

Opening with an almost-happy set of chords, the track's sounds all flow together extremely well, seamlessly weaving around each other. The basslines are wonderful throughout, apart from an odd choice of effect towards the end, but that’s of little consequence to how much fun they are to listen to. The lyrical theme is the classic universal experience of not taking chances, of missed opportunities. The band does a fantastic job in putting together an atmosphere of melancholy; the kind that one feels while reliving a somewhat fond but bittersweet memory. The vocals lend themselves well to the overall theme, as do the numerous layers of keys (organs) running in the back throughout the track.

For the debut of a band that’s been around for hardly a year, I Thought You Were The One is an excellent single. It’s going to be extremely interesting to hear what their upcoming EP Confluence has to offer. That EP drops in a couple days so watch out for that too!


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