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Check Out The New Single from Dehlvees

Feb 17, 12:12am

The Delhi duo comprising vocalist Suhail Yusuf Khan and producer Akshay Raheja have released their second single ‘Mahira’

They’ve already proven exactly what kind of stick-in-your-head tunes you’d get when you combine one of the strongest vocalists (singer Suhail Yusuf Khan from Advaita, Adi & Suhail) with the electronica skillset of a producer like Akshay Raheja (from Them Clones and formerly of Faridkot and Frequency) with their 2014 single ‘Mann Basiya’, but now it’s time for round two (albeit two years later) for Delhi electro pop duo Dehlvees.

The duo have released a single and music video for their second song ‘Mahira’. Much like ‘Mann Basiya’, Dehlvees are a bit lovelorn and put a female character at the centre of ‘Mahira’, the Hebrew word for being brave. Raheja told us about the new song, “It tells us to listen to the voice within and follow it. More often than not, experiences usually despised by all, turn out to be life-changing ones for some. While this holds true for anyone, it perhaps stands a little truer for women.”

A much more upbeat, clubby kind of sound, ‘Mahira’ is brought to life by trippy animated visuals showing a female protagonist following a buttefly in a forest that comes to life. Watch the video below and tell us what you think. 

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