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Listen: Dub Sharma's Azadi

Feb 23, 11:37am

The Chandigarh-bred Mumbai-based producer throws up a new mash dedicated to JNU Protesters

Last month, Mumbai producer Siddharth Sharma aka Dub Sharma, purveyor of all beats that can get anyone moving and grooving, released eight songs both old and new on his YouTube channel. If you’ve seen his 2014 glitched-out mashup with video producer Vijesh Rajan of birds shaking it to ‘Ghetto Moves’, then you know just how capable Dub Sharma is when it comes to manipulating a beat.

In addition to the trippy glitch hop tracks such as ‘Uphill’, ‘Deep’ and the dub-inspired ‘Heart’ that can definitely make the club-goers bounce, Sharma’s latest release is called ‘Azadi’ and it shows just how much of a master sampler he is.

Dedicated to Jawaharlal Nehru University’s student union president Kanhaiya Kumar, who was arrested and called ‘anti-national’ by the central government, police, lawyers and pretty much any other nutjob who watches (and believes) the 9 o’ clock news on TV, ‘Azadi’ is that kind of track which can make you think when you move your head to the beat. It’s no surprise that it’s racked up 12,000 hits on YouTube already. Listen to the track below: 

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