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Composer Upatyaka Questions Global Systems In Debut SIngle

Jun 17, 03:42pm

Composer, singer-songwriter from Assam, Upatyaka has recently dropped her debut single titled "Luitore Balit". Her sound has a well intended eclectic vibe, with influences of Blues, Jazz, Soul, Alternative Rock and Assamese Folk Music. Featuring musicians from Iran, Germany, Colombia, and the USA, ’Luitore Balit” explores the possibilities of alternatives to the existing socio-political systems and manages to capture thoughts through a lyrical setting in Assam aspiring to have a universal appeal. 


My song "Luitore Balit" deals with the global questions of freedom and justice and standing up for one’s rights, based on my own experiences
- Upatyaka



Also singing with Shillong-based blues band “Winter Mangoes”, Upatyaka has been busy working on various ethnomusicological projects and specialising in Assamese organology & folk culture as a student of Music In Development at SOAS, University of London.


Listen to "Luitore Balit" below:



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