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Crazy Weather Release Single Off Of Upcoming EP

Mar 12, 12:31pm

Delhi's alternative funk rock act Crazy Weather recently released the first single, 'Eclipse', off of the band's upcoming four-track EP due to be released later this year. We spoke to vocalist and front man Gucci Singh about the single and the upcoming EP.
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(Artwork Courtesy Swati Singh)

Delhi’s alternative funk rock band Crazy Weather recently released their first single, ‘Eclipse’, off of the band’s upcoming EP. So far, front man Gucci Singh’s kept himself from revealing the EP’s title, but told us, “We've recorded drums for two singles right now. ‘Biblical’ is gonna be the next tune. Its gonna slam. We are really tripping on the heavier, edgy guitars on these batch of songs. These two are a little usual that they are played in Drop D, but I really want to go explore some different tunings on some newer tunes. Its just that I have a vocal register that makes me sound as horrible as I do but it works on standard-ish tunings.”

‘Eclipse’s vocal and drum tracks were recorded at Delhi’s Quarter Note Studios; “Manu Saxena helped us out with the kit,” Gucci told us, “A nice Tama that we jam on. Sid's got a nice Drawmer Pre which we used on the vocals and kick. We coupled in with a few good mics , including my AKG C414 xl2, which is what we recorded the vocals on primarily for ‘Eclipse’.” The track features the band experimenting with time signatures and tempo shifts, a “weird” idea that had been stuck in Gucci’s mind for a while. “The whole 'idea' felt weird initially,” Gucci told us, “With tempo and pattern changes, for example it starts off on a 5/5 count, changes to a 6/6 and the whole middle section is a straight 4/4. Arpan wanted to explore that idea and we jammed it a few times and were liking the overall guitar and vocal feel of it. So we decided to stick.”

“Studio recording is always a cool process,” Gucci told us, “You are alert and focused and suddenly things start to be heard and they start to get real. We got the kit ready and mic'ed up. Sidharth Kaushik, who plays drums for Ceaser's Green, and Udan Tashtri, laid down some very swingy and very tight parts for it. We tracked the guitars and bass guitar at my pad (Headroom). Arpan jammed and played out his funky bass lines, and especially that warm bassy Low C of his Ibanez bass eventually turned out to have so much personality that, we decided to stick.” The band plans on releasing two more tracks off of the upcoming four-track EP, over the next few weeks, with the EP slated to be released by the end of the year.

Stream 'Eclipse' by Crazy Weather below:

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