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Big Deal Releases New Track For Songdew's Free The Music Campaign

Feb 25, 02:09pm

Selected as one of the winning artists for Songdew's Free The Music Campaign, Bangalore-based rapper and R&B artist Big Deal released his new track, 'Crash Course', on the Songdew platform. We spoke to Samir about the song and his future plans.

Bangalore-based rapper and R&B artist Big Deal, a.k.a. Samir Rishu Mohanty, was recently selected among the winners of Songdew’s Free The Music Campaign, and released his new track ‘Crash Course’. “I normally make songs on social issues and have a message in my raps.” Samir told us, “So, I wanted to educate the youth about drinking and driving, the harmful effects and consequences of it.” Stemming out of a horrible personal experience with drunk-driving, ‘Crash Course’ indulges into iterating the two perspectives of the accident – one from the driver’s, and another from the victim’s. “Just two months ago, on Christmas eve, one of my friends passed away because of a drunk-driving accident.” Samir said, “So, I thought to myself that the cops are not wrong to suspend licenses, they are actually looking out for us, and I wanted to write a song to convey this message to the public.”

The track was recorded at Parekh Recording Studios in Bangalore, along with vocalist Tuhin Goswami featuring on the chorus. “With this song I really wanted to create a bilingual track,” Samir told us, “So that it can reach out to the general public.” As part of the winnings of Sondew’s Free The Music Campaign, Big Deal will also be releasing a music video for the track which is planned to be shot towards the end of March. “Its awesome.” Samir told us about his experience with the campaign, “I’m really excited for the things coming up. Im really excited for the music video that will come out soon, and for the launch events in Delhi.”

Stream 'Crash Course' by Big Deal on Songdew here.

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