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Dosser's Urge Release New Single

Feb 17, 01:59pm

Shillong-based rock act Dosser's Urge recently released their new single, 'Jinx', and announced the release of two more singles, and a music video over the next few months. We spoke to vocalist David Kom about the band's plans and experiences.
 Photo Courtesy: Romeo Kom

Shillong-based rock band Dosser’s Urge released a new single, ‘Jinx’, this week, and announced the release of two more singles over the next few months. “I wrote it based on our experiences being jinxed,” vocalist and guitarist David Kom told us. “We had been playing at different competitions, only to realize that competitions actually suck, and it makes us feel really bad. So, the song is about our less than pleasant experiences playing at competitions, and learning good things from it.”

‘Jinx’ along with two more singles were recorded at Dimapur’s Element Indie Studio with Kevi Pucho. “We were looking for someone who can capture acoustic drums,” David told us, “Analog recordings, and live guitars. We couldn’t find that in Shillong, so we went to Dimapur and recorded with Kevi at his studio. We felt that he could make us sound how we wanted to, or atleast get close to it. The whole experience was awesome.”

Dosser’s Urge will also be shooting a music video for one of their upcoming singles, ‘Mother’, in Dimapur, over the next couple of weeks. The music video will be directed by Kevi Pucho, and is slated to be released sometime next month. “We really liked Kevi’s audio work,” David told us, “And he had shown us some of his video works also. So, we really want to work with Kevi for the music video.”

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