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Oh,Rocket's New EP, Record Deal, And Music Video

Feb 09, 03:19pm

Kolkata-based indie/synth pop/electronica duo Oh,Rocket recently released their sophomore EP, Clever Clever; got signed by UK-based record label Metal Postcards Records; and, announced the release of their first music video, to come out soon.

Artwork Courtesy Nisha Vasudevan

Kolkata-based indie/synth pop/electronica duo Oh,Rocket recently released their three-track EP, Clever Clever; and have announced the release of a new music video, due to come out around the last week of February. The sophomore EP sees the duo turn toward more calm, dream synth and melody-centred tracks as compared to the debut. “Clever Clever is more of a winter-inspired EP,” vocalist Aniket Dutta told us. “The Clouds Woke No Clocks was a little more jumpy and heavier than the new EP, and we tried to shift the mood a little accoring to the weather change.” While the debut EP was more guitar-centred and influenced by bands like Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, and the Wombats, Aniket told us that the new EP leans more toward artists like Postal Service, and Jagwar Ma.

To kick off a spectacular year, the duo was also signed by UK-based record label Metal Postcard Records last month, who will be re-releasing the two EPs and a music video for ‘Blue Racoon Dog’ off of Clever Clever. “The video is being directed by Janis Jostmans, in Latvia.” Aniket told us, “Hopefully it will release towards the last week of February; I’m just guessing. The video is undergoing the editing process right now.” Clever Clever was recorded by the duo at gutarist Shubharun Sengupta’s apartment, and mastered by Alastair Vennart.

Stream Clever Clever by Oh,Rocket below:

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