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MindFlew Release New Track 'Sapne - The Dream'

Feb 05, 01:39pm

Delhi-based indie alternative rok band MindFlew recently released 'Sapne - The Dream' off of their upcoming untitled album. Check out what frontman Ritwik De and drummer Jayant Parashar have to say about the new music, and the band's plans.

Artwork Courtesy Rachna Ravi

Delhi-based indie alternative rock band MindFlew recently came out of their long slumber to release their new track, ‘Sapne – The Dream’, off of their upcoming album. “Things had become stagnant,” drummer Jayant Parashar told us. “Ritwik was working on his own music, then tankbund came along and that’s the direction that Ritwik was headed toward. I was playing with The Urban Earlymen all this while. So, I think everyone was just kind of finding their balance in other projects.” The band recently recovered from it’s sabbatical and seems to have pooled in new musical influences and thoughts into the record that they are working on, featuring more glitchy soundscapes and effects melded within MindFlew’s The Happy Sad lo fi groove. “I think essentially it is the same vibe that MindFlew has had,” frontman Ritwik De told us. “Our approach to songwriting is pretty muh the same, but with more electronic music and progressive influences.”

‘Sapne – The Dream’ is off of an untitled album that the band is recording at their bedroom studio. “I think all of us has also kind of grown some balls,” Ritwik said. “Now we are willing to take risks that way. In fact, the whole approach to the album has been completely analogue based – we wanted to record live drums, and we wanted to record everything live. But, not lose the approach mid-way.” The band seems to have their hands full at the moment, with the recording of the album, and plans to shoot music videos for some of the tracks. Mindflew’s been fairly tight-lipped about when the album comes out; but rest assured there is a lot more to come from their front in the upcoming months.

Listen to 'Sapne - The Dream' by Mindflew below:

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