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Sundogproject Collaborate With Blake Farber For Upcoming Music Videos

Jan 24, 05:33pm

Delhi-based indie electronic act Sundogproject recently shot music videos with New York-based music video director Blake Farber, for 'Tauro', and 'Bicycle'.

Delhi-based indie electronic act Sundogproject recently collaborated with Amerian director Blake Farber to shoot music videos for their songs ‘Tauro’ and ‘Bicycle’. The self taught New York-based music video and film maker had recently confessed to his longing for visiting India and perhaps working on a few projects. “He contacted us on our mail,” frontman Rahul Das told us, “Saying that he was coming to India and that he would like to collaborate with us. He travels a lot around the world and makes videos, and I’m not too sure, but I think he got a list from somewhere and discovered Sundogproject. So, he contacted us, and I sent him a few songs that I would have liked to make videos for. He liked them and then we sarted crystallising the concept. And, that’s how it happened.”

The band recently finished shooting the videos, although Rahul remains tight-lipped about the release. “At least for me it was my first expereince producing videos,” Rahul told us aboout his experience shooting. “So, it was pretty epic. It was cool since we got to shoot at desolate farmhouses at night, we shot indoors as well at different kinds of locations, we shot different kinds of people. So, its been a learning experience and I relly hope that the videos will come out well.”

At the moment, Sundogproject sound hopeful and eager to release their album, Tora, sometime soon. “I know I keep saying it,” Rahul said, “But I will probably pull it [Tora] out next month or so. I have just been revisiting a few songs from the album, and kind of changed things here and there. So, that should be releasing soon.”

Listen to 'Tauro' by Sundogproject below:

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