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Shepherd Announce Debut Album With Their New Track 'Bog Slime'

Jan 13, 05:30pm

Bangalore-based sludge metal band Shepherd recently released their new track, 'Bog Slime', off of the band's upcoming debut album, Stereolithic Riffalocalypse.

Bangalore-based sludge metal outfit Shepherd recently released their new track, ‘Bog Slime’, anouncing the band’s upcoming debut album, Stereolithic Riffalocalypse. “The bulk of the album was recorded at Area 51 studio by Premik Jolly,”  drummer Deepak Raghu said, “The rest of it was tracked at our mixing engineer, Rahul Ranganth's home studio. The tracking itself didn't take much time, but we had to go back and redo some bits because we weren't super happy with the sound we were getting on the mixes. But the whole process has been a great learning experience for all of us in the band.”

The first track released off of the upcoming album, ‘Bog Slime’, features a pretty menacingly sludge-heavy drone riff. “Writing vocal lines / lyrics for a song whose structure had already been laid down by someone else (Deepak, in this case) felt more comfortable than doing the same for something written by yourself;” guitarist/vocalist Namit Chauhan tells us about ‘Bog Slime’. “Though the entire shebang of managing vocals in a band was alien to us at that point in time, it had to be done given the line-up changes. No easier song than ‘Bog Slime’ for me to get that shit rolling - had loads of spaces which made it easier to write lyrics and layer suitable vocal melodies. There is no particular idea as such behind the lyrics – whatever evokes the grimness of the riff.”

The album is due to be released on March 7 at the Humming Tree in Bangalore, with a slew of gigs by the band leading up to it. “We're gonna be opening for the amazing Pangea from Bombay, and our buddies Bevar Sea,” Deepak told us about the gig at CounterCulture on February 7. “On the side, Mike and I have been getting the pre-orders ready. New merchandise is in the works. It’s a busy couple of months with a lot of running around ahead, but no complaints. We love it!”

Listen to 'Bog Slime' on Soundcloud below:

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