• Thu, Oct 21, 2021

Delhi Producer Aniket And Dehradun Artist Gatha Collaborate With Smooth Results

Oct 14, 04:28pm

Their new single ‘Retrieve’ is a chill electronic track with some cozy sounds

The first thing of note when the laid-back and relaxed groove of Delhi-based producer Aniket Jain’s new single ‘Retrieve’ kicks in is a sense of comfort. Featuring singer-songwriter Gatha Akashkamini on vocals, the vibe of the song is to have a comfortable and smooth listening experience. Fans of putting music in boxes will straightaway recognize the downtempo and chillstep markers here, but it doesn’t change the fact that the end result is exactly that; calm, smooth and satisfyingly groovy.



That mindset is in every element of this track. The electric piano. The drums (where some fuller sounds live with the kind of rattly hats you might hear in a trap beat) are positioned at that tempo sweet spot where neither a low-energy head nod fits in perfectly. Gatha’s vocals are also excellent in this context; she has a full voice but uses a warm delivery and the small touches of neo-soul (and maybe a little Hindustani?) she adds subtly are some of the most satisfying moments here. Her chopped up vocal (presumably) lives as the ‘hook’ or post-chorus of the song in a way; even that choice works really well. ‘Retrieve’ leaves very little to complain about, and by the time you reach the lull that leads into the last minute of the song, you’ll be hovering over the replay button.


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