• Thu, Oct 21, 2021

The Revisit Project Give Lockdown A Fun Spin

Oct 13, 01:12pm

‘Locked Away’ features Vrnda Dhar and has a sunny and wry outlook on 2020’s chief devil

New Delhi-based band (music collective?) The Revisit Project has been putting out some interesting media this lockdown and before it too. They’ve been putting out some light and airy music and also doing some content on YouTube, but their musical output (which is what we’re concerned with here) has been solid. Their new single ‘Locked Away’ is a relatively light-hearted look at the past six months of health-related house arrest the world has gone through, and hey, maybe an entertaining spin on the matter is just what we need to distract ourselves from the apocalypse.

The song features strong and poppy lyrics by Abhay Sharma and Vrnda Dhar; her voice sounds great in the setting of sort-of-pop-funk the band uses. There are snatches of sax, clean guitars, a sort of laid back slow groove and a bit of percussion. There is a despondent but hopeful outlook to ‘Locked Away’ that is its best attribute. Many of us are in a vacuous and apathetic kind of mindset right now; yes, sure, we’ll get through this (or not) but so what? What happens next? This song is a nice and sunny reminder that we can look forward to something even if we’re not sure how much worse the present is going to be and very sure how bad the past was.


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