• Thu, Dec 2, 2021

Eddie van Halen Has Passed Away

Oct 07, 04:37pm

The guitarist extraordinaire was 65

Eddie van Halen is a name we all know, of course. From playing the legendary solo on Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ to doing any number of amazing things with his own band and other ventures, he was one of the people that changed the game as far as the guitar goes. Sadly, we refer to him as such because he passed away today after a long drawn-out battle with cancer. The news was broken by his son Wolf on Twitter.

There is so much Eddie was known for and made cornerstones of the world of virtuoso guitar playing. From the tapping and technical ability to his insane rhythm playing to his iconic guitars to his solos that most guitarists can probably hum note for note, he contributed more than most to the instrument’s legacy and status. Even though he lived in a guitar-forward era, he was one of the musicians that elevated an instrument’s status from a tool used to make art to a piece of art in itself. Despite his addictions and troughs in his long career, we owe it to him not to think about those things and instead celebrate a man whose prodigious talent and musical heart shaped Western music.

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