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Mahesh Flexes His Singer-Songwriter Chops On Floaty New Single

Oct 03, 04:15pm

‘fading colours’ is a masterclass in stripping away all but a song’s essence

Bangalore’s Mahesh Raghunandan is a name many of us are familiar with; his 2018 EP ‘Accept’ was a well-produced and strong set of songs and he has been a fixture on the indie circuit for a few years now. His new single ‘fading colours’ really showcases his strength as a songwriter is one way more than others: its complete lack of sonic fat whatsoever. The song is the most naked a songwriter’s craft can get; mostly just Mahesh’s voice and a guitar. The fact that it does a lot with just this and a duration of less than three minutes shows just how good he is at it.

There’s a fuzzy and warm quality to the mix here that really helps these two elements sound as full as possible. Mahesh manages to fill up a hell of a lot of space with his emotive singing and playing, and that is continually the most pleasantly surprising thing about ‘fading colours’. The chords hit right in the feels, his vocal melodies are halfway between loving and bitter, and the equally great piano and strings that lift the song to its conclusion are just delicious. This is sort of the platonic ideal of what a simple and skeletal emotion-forward indie song should be, and the fact that Mahesh achieves it with the exact same palate everyone is familiar with is a great thing. There really isn’t anything to dig into or over-analyze in this case; ‘fading colours’ is just good.


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