• Sat, Jan 16, 2021

Mumbai Producer Khwaab Channels Nocturnal Atmosphere On New Single

Sep 24, 03:28pm

The instrumental ‘ULKA’ is a short but impactful imagining of 'night vibes' through an ambient lens

Nishant Nagar (who goes by Khwaab for music producer purposes) has been making music and collaborating with a bunch of musicians for a minute now; his approach to Hindi indie and pop music from the angle of ambient music, electronica and the more sedate side of the spectrum has some interesting ideas and potential. His single ‘ULKA’ has another life as ‘Hum Kahaan Hain’ with Shashaa Tirupati, but this version is instrumental and builds up some nice atmosphere in two quick minutes.

There’s not much to ‘ULKA’ in particular if you want to break it down into minute parts that can be scrutinized in isolation. There are a few guitar layers that play repetitive phrases both in the front of the mix and in the background that you wouldn’t turn your nose up at in a post-rock song or something. The drums are similarly sparse and there is a synth (or two) that does the thing a lot of elements do in genres like this; it sort of hugs all the other sounds and gives everything warmth. There is a saxophone (from Abhay Sharma) that enters the song’s latter half and gives it some welcome emotion, but again, the elements used here are not of specific importance. The way they come together is, and the forlorn, late-night vibe is what makes ‘ULKA’ worth your time.


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